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Your garden is your own little patch of the world to look after. Most gardens are quite small, but there are 15 million of them in the UK. If all of these gardens were cared for organically, it would create a much better environment – for our families, plants and wildlife.

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Britain should be teeming with wildlife. Instead many of our wildlife populations – from songbirds to insects  – are collapsing. To repair our planet we must urgently achieve net carbon zero — and natural climate solutions can contribute significantly to this aim. Protecting our living world and our climate are largely one and the same. And rewilding, the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself, plays a vital role in both.

“We can only thrive if nature thrives”

By protecting, restoring and regenerating species-rich mosaics of habitats, rewilding helps reverse biodiversity loss and bring back the abundance of Britain’s wildlife. 

Robin by Phil Cooper

We’re protecting wildlife and wild spaces

We’re a small charity with big ideas! We’ve been supporting, monitoring and developing campaigns and policy for wildlife for over 55 years. Working across six Living Landscapes with over 170 projects for wildlife, people and wild spaces, we’re pretty busy! We’ve also got education centres, shops and our own summer festival – so, take some time to get to know us a little better, after all, we’re your local charity!

Today, the political environment has changed but we are still fighting for our wildlife and wild spaces and you can help.

Wild flowers , plants and fungi are the life support for all our wildlife and their colour and character light up our landscapes. But without our help , this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost.

From the open spaces of our nature reserves to the corridors of government , we work nationally and internationally to raise their profile, celebrate their beauty, and to protect their future.

Britain’s countryside
Save it with flowers


Goldfinch by Phil Cooper

Nature is in big trouble, but we’ve got big plans to save it.

Reserves are at the heart of what we do. They’re vital to our conservation work and priceless spaces for everyone to get close to nature.

We believe they work best when they connect with wild spaces and habitats in the wider landscape. That’s why we’ll be working to make bigger, better, more joined up homes.

We have the ambition to double our land-holding by 2030